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Merlin Theatre

Budapest, V. Gerlóczy utca 4.


Kiss Márton: Stuff

24th November 2009. 10.00 PM, Rehearsal Space
Academy of Drama and Film, acting course 4th year
90 minutes without intermission, in Hungarian with English Synopsis

Márton Kiss graduated from the University of Drama and Film Budapest earning a Master's degree in dramaturgy in 2009. In 2007 his original play Pilonon (On the Pylon) was awarded the Vilmos-Award for the best new play of the theatrical season, later on he also staged the play with the actors in training of the university. However, Márton Kiss seems to be indecisive about the definition of his role, not being able to fit into a box or category: he defines himself neither as author nor as director. After the success of Pilonon he came up with a similarly arranged project in 2008: his original play titled Cucc (Stuff) was staged by him as well, and it premiered in the austere rehearsal studio of Merlin Theatre. The scenery and props seem to be overly simple, yet the movements of the actors are dynamic, almost acrobatic, that, paired with the dynamics of the text and story give the performance an astonishing momentum. The audience will see a model kindergarden's children growing up played by the actors in training of the University of Drama and Film.
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26th November 2009. 10.30 PM, Chamber Room
60 minutes without intermission, in Hungarian with English subtitles

After the success of the performance titled Ökosztüm (Ecostume) in 2008, a collection of nearly 100 fantasy-outfits and spectacular fashion show based on the collection a new project was devised to promote recycling, the protection of nature, environmentally conscious thinking, saving energy and a healthier lifestyle led close to nature. Now the creators of Recycle-bicycle and the artwork presented at the show call the audience to protest with their clothing - challenge an old way of thinking with being pro-recycling, pro-energy saving, all-in-all: pro-health. The runway of MERLiN Theatre is enlivened by the vivid show presenting nature-friendly fantasy-outfits designed by young applied artists and clothing designers and use mostly recycled waste. The garments and apparel are worn by well-known actors, dancers and members of the audience.

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Ágens and the Kodály Methodfoto: Mátyás Attila
The closing party of th 8th Contemporary Drama Festival.

28th November 2009. 11.00 PM, Theatre Room
90 minutes without intermission, in Hungarian

Singer, performer and author Ágens is a peculiar personality in the alternative art scene of Hungary, best known as opera-punk. She's been pursuing experiments in reforming theatre since 2000. With artistic collaborators and partners, mainly dancer-choreographer Krisztián Gergye, and the young and extraordinarily talented conductor and singer György Philipp, she seeks the wholeness of contemporary music, contemporary dance and visual theatre amalgamated into a strikingly new form. She is a regular cast member in Company Krisztián Gergye and Collective of Natural Disasters.

Their performances are even more colorful due to the improvisation, rich repertoire and varied background of the musicians applying various techniques at concerts, thus resulting in a series of "here and now" concerts, each event being a premiere, offering a unique experience. In their joint projects with György Philipp they invite guest performers as well, resulting in an orchestra being always in motion around them. The concept was first introduced at the Budapest Autumn Festival 2008.

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