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Reggie Watts (US): Constructs in Living Systems
in English

29th November, 9:30 PM

U. S. in Focus Programme
70 minutes without a break

Trafó – Contemporary House of Art


“Brilliant, like a completely off-the-wall combo of Bobby McFerrin and Sacha Baron Cohen." Reggie Watts is a New York-based multitalented musician, performer, and stand-up comedy genius. His extraordinary performance is a mixture of humour, social and political satire merged into an opera-beatbox-miracle that is a sensitive and intelligent critique and a comedy in the same time that makes us laugh till tears.
What to expect? A tornado on stage. In one moment he is an announcer of the BBC then in the other he turns into a kid from Brooklyn. He starts with the sound of a kick drum, from deep in his throat, recorded into a loop sampler. He adds a snare with a few exhales. Then high notes with his tongue against his teeth. And then he starts to sing, in French or gibberish Dutch or German. Morphing gradually into a cockney slang, he seems to be talking about something from a human-resources manual or a dating disaster. Or whatever else comes to mind. He is a true professional whatever he is doing on stage or in the studio. Reggie Watts is smart, witty, funny and deeply concerned about the state of our world today.
He studied jazz at Cornish College of the Art in Seattle. He went on to play in a number of Seattle bands and became interested in alternative performance styles. He has travelled all over the world with his improvisative solo performances from the Sydney Opera House to Reykjavik. Reggie Watts will spend two days with local beat-boxers, freestylers and hip-hop artists before performing at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts on the night of the 29th November. The workshop will be realized in cooperation with the Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest, Hungarian Roma Parliament, the Almost Famous Rock School (Majdnem Híres Rocksuli), the Disztro and the H!T TV.

Ticket information: jegy@trafo.hu, +36 1 215 1600
Further information: www.trafo.hu, www.ps122.org, www.reggiewatts.com