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HOPPart Company


Hungarian with English subtitles

3 december 2011, 11:00
105' without intermission
2200 HUF
061 209-4014; 061 209-4015


photo by Dániel Borovi

The HOPPart Company was founded by the members of Tamás Ascher and Eszter Novák's graduating acting class in 2007 from the University of Theatre and Film Budapest. They jointly created performances, at the beginning especially at the Merlin Theatre. A significant part of their first night performances were born under their special need for a complex musical theater form. Among others, Eszter Novák, Sándor Zsótér and Réka Pelsőczy worked as a director with them. The HOPPart has become one of the most important companies between the Hungarian independent theatres.


Imre Baksa, Richárd Barabás, Gergely Bánki, Diána Drága, Zoltán Friedenthal, Ádám Földi, Tamás Herczeg, Diána Magdolna Kiss, Zsolt Máthé, Katalin Szilágyi, Nóra Diána Takács, Sándor Terhes.

Visual Design

Dániel Borovi, Lili Izsák

Musical Director

Tamás Matkó

Sound and Light Design

János Rembeczki


Gergely Bánki, Ildikó Gáspár

Directed by


Csaba Polgár was born in 1982. In 2007 he graduated in acting from the University of Theater and Film Budapest and became a member of the Örkény István Theatre, then of the HOPPart Company. His first work as a director with the troupe, Herrmann's Battle has already shown original vision and captured the theatre professional's attention.

The premier of the Coriolanus was in the autumn of 2010. The performance builds on a high standard professional team-work, it is wittily theatrical, and speaks on a contemporary theatre language. It won the Hungarian Theatre Critics' Association Award for Best independent theatre production.

Coriolanus is a political theatre performance about the nature of power and tyranny – in a broader sense about developments in contemporary Hungarian public life.

The Roman general Caius Martius is given the name Coriolanus as a sign of honour after attacking and conquering the enemy city of Corioli. And though he knows nothing about politics, he is elected consul. Can the elected leader of the country retain his position, and meet the expectations of his new role?

"These young people – the members of the HOPPart Company from the former Ascher-Novák musical acting-class – talk and play during the performance about what is happening around them. A more important and useful mission for contemporary theater I can’t imagine. Because what is happening in Coriolanus’ Rome? People eat, sleep, pay taxes, want cheaper bread and of course a stronger currency and reduced interest rates, they shout bombastic slogans, hate their neighbors and fall for this or that political hogwash. It is undeniable that in the Hungary of October 2010, it is just the same." (Róbert Markó, Színház)


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