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Szakkör, FÜGE and Contemporary Drama Festival



MU SZÍNHÁZ, Szputnyik Műhely
 1 December 2011. 22:30
90 minutes without intermission
1000 HUF
(06-1) 209-4014
(06-1) 209-4015

photo by Balázs Czitrovszky

The play examines true stories. Its main thread is based on news reports about people who – due to dire economical circumstances – try to get money by telling police they were robbed. The culprits risk their freedom for a couple of hundred thousand forints. Self-robbery is nothing but a phoney screenplay that has to be written and backed up with evidence, with the culprit having to play the part of the victim for detectives authentically. This is a relatively common absolute theatrical situation in today’s Hungarian reality, where you have to play for very perceptive critics, with no second chances.


Anna Szandtner, Csaba Polgár, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Dániel Kovács, Júlia Róbert, István Tasnádi

Production Staff

Tímea Csóka, Réka Judit Kiss, Viktória Kulcsár, Julcsi Szabó

Dániel Kovács is a stage director, he graduated in 2011 from the University of Theater and Film Budapest. Works in both national and independent theater workshops, directing classic and contemporary texts also. He stages regularly for the Katona József Theatre.

The performance is a snapshot of people living in desperate circumstances, longing for a better life, but being frustrated by their inability to break out. Their hopes are capable of rewriting reality, and are worth any type of risk. But their frustration can have catastrophic consequences.

Whatshit is an open workshop and the spectator is invited to enter the space of the work in progress. A staged reading, a public rehearsal, a unique production, which - bringing together the experiences of a previous one month rehearsal – can be seen only this time. The first night performance is scheduled for 19 December in the MU Theatre.