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Contemporary Drama Festival, National Theatre and Vaskakas Puppet Theatre


staged reading


NATIONAL THEATRE, Kaszás Attila Stage

Budapest IX., Bajor Gizi park 1.


27 november 2011, 19:30


60' without intermission


1200 Ft

+36-1-373-0964, +36-1-373-0996



Born in Munich in 1972, Marius von Mayenburg is a German playwright, dramaturg and director. He became known in Europe in 1997 with his play Feuergesicht, for which he received the Kleist-prize for most promising young playwright that same year. His play had its Hungarian premier in the Radnoti Theatre in 1999, and since then four more of his plays have been staged in Hungary. Today his play Der Häßliche is part of the New Theatre’s (Új Színház) repertoire. He wrote his comedy Perplex in 2010, and staged it at the Schaubühne in Berlin that same year. This was also the first time Mayenburg staged his own work.


Norbert Ács, Mara Pallai, Viki Rab, Tamás Szúkenyik

Translated by

Judit Garai


Róbert Markó

Written by

Marius von Mayenburg

Directed by


In Mayenburg’s play every situation, every location is uncertain and questionable. In this way the identity of the four main characters – Judith, Eva, Robert and Sebastian – is in a state of constant change as well. You never know who is who actually, and when and how they will react to certain problems. The play brings these characters into absurd situations where they always have to play a balancing act on an unstable stage that the playwright thinks up for them, that is always changing unpredictably.

Sponsors: NKA, AKI VAN Alapítvány, Creativ Média Színházi Ügynökség

Partner: Vaskakas Puppet Theatre