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The school of the playwright - The playwright of the school theatre educational programme

One of the most popular project started in 2007 was The school of the playwright - The playwright of the school. Its aim was no less than to induce students from 18 high-schools in Budapest to read contemporary plays and to think about them. And not only did Mohammed go to the mountain, but the mountain seems to be thunderously-crashingly moving: in the following years many more schools and many more students let the organizers know their intention to participate in the program.

According to the growing demand and growing number of participants the organizers OSZMI (Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute) and the festival offered more than before: beginning from 2008 there were three different options to choose from. 

The first of them was the original concept of the process conceived in 2007: a group of students discuss the text assigned to them with the author him- or herself. 

An enriched option offered a second meeting to the author and the students. On the second occasion the youngsters could try working on a scene and staging it in different manners and style. This workshop was led by two young directors, Ádám Berzsenyi and Gábor Hollós. 

The third option took an adventurous playwright who helped students produce a dramatic text based on their everyday experiences. And led by the directors the youngsters could interpret and stage these scenes to experience how everyday life becomes the subject matter of a play, and how the play becomes theatre.

The most exciting scenes were featured in a show at the Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest. 

The school of the playwright - The playwright of the school drama education program in 2009 got extended to Hungarian minorities as well: actor and playwright András Hatházi and director Aba Sebestyén from Yorick Studio (Târgu Mureș, Romania) visited a high-school in Budapest.

This year the theatre educational programme has been extended to a one year length. In the first semester high-school students from Budapest, in the second semester regional students and Hungarian minorities were involved in the project. This year also the Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest will host a show in which the participants will be able to present their attempts of drama interpretation.


Partners: Drámaírói Kerekasztal and Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute