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The Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest was created in 1997 with the aim to facilitate cooperation and dialogue between theatre professionals in Hungary and abroad. The main goal of the organizers hasn’t change since the very beginning: to promote Hungarian theatre on an international market and give professionals a chance to meet each other, and possibly invite Hungarian theatres to introduce themselves abroad, allowing the creation of co-productions and long-term collaborations.

To guarantee the impact of the Hungarian Showcase a  separate project, the Visitors’ Programme was started in 2005 inviting festival directors, critics and other theatre professionals from all over Europe and overseas and offering them a complex whole-day program. For the purpose of the showcase performances are carefully selected: they are what one could call a real hungaricum - innovative performances showing tendencies, strength and results of Hungarian theatre art, yet they are also compatible with the tendencies and phenomena of world theatre not copying them but engaging in a meaningful dialogue.

The performances selected for the showcase program are heavily promoted by the Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest: besides advertising and the information package sent to the visitors this also means accessibility. The festival takes on the challenge to make these often difficult performances verbally accessible, ensuring high-quality translation, proper subtitling or simultaneous translation, enabling the further usage of these texts.

The participants of the Visitors’ Programme have the opportunity to meet the artists after the performance and to visit the most important theatre-related institutions, workshops and meet the cultural policy-makers during their stay in Budapest.

In the Hungarian theatre scene the Visitors’ Programme is the first initiative of its kind and we are happy and proud to announce that we are continuing the program, and we are hosting renowned theatre professionals and creators from all over the world.

Performances of the Hungarian Showcase in 2010

János Székely: The Resident of Caligula, d. Rémusz Szikszai, a VÁDLI, a FÜGE és a Zsámbéki Színház Bázis production

Péter Nádas: Siren's Song, d. András Dömötör, a Katona József Színház production

The Coward, d. Péter Scherer, a Nézőművészeti Kft. production

Géza Csáth–Kinga Mezei: Sobers' Silence, d. Kinga Mezei, a Stúdió K Színház production

Coriolanus, d. Csaba polgár, a HOPPart Társulat production

Pál Závada: Hungarian Feast, d. Róbert Alföldi, a Nemzeti Színház production

István Mohácsi–János Mohácsi–Márton Kovács: We Live Once or the Sea Disappears in Nothingness Thereafter, d. János Mohácsi, a Nemzeti Színház production

+ 2 Hungarian premiers

Kaisers TV, Ungarn, d. Pintér Béla, a Béla Pintér and Company production

István Tasnádi: Whatshit, d. Dániel Kovács, a Szakkör, FÜGE, CDF joint production