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Cellar Theatre Budapest

Csaba Székely: Mineflower



1 December 15.00

Cellar Theatre Budapest


100’ without intermission

in Hungarian with English subtitles


Photo: Zsolt Puskel

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Father: being sick he lies in the next room, we never see him

Iván, his son: Gergő Kaszás

Mihály Csillag, doctor: László Széles

Ilonka, Iván’s half sister: Andrea Bozó

Illés, Iván’s neighbour: József Tóth

Irma, Illés’s wife: Éva Vándor


Dramaturg: Bori Sirokay

Scenery and costume design:Balázs Cziegler

Assistant to the costume designer: Ágnes Bozsik

Prompter: Judit Skrabán

Assistant to the director: Anna Tóth-Gábor

Directed by Tibor Csizmadia


„WHO – Csaba Székely is a certified playwright who gives a true picture of village life instead of city life and thereby repays a long standing debt of Hungarian drama. He has become the most popular playwright in the Hungarian speaking territory. Both in Hungary and Romania, professional and amateur companies have staged the parts of his Mine trilogy (which speaks with great empathy and humor about the unique morale, hopeless situation and problems of a small village in Transylvania). His first radio play Do You Like Banana, Comrades? was written in English and awarded by the BBC. His first play Mineflower has been awarded several times, just like the following Mine-dramas.


WHAT – In a Székely village where the mine has been closed. Iván Vajda has lost his job, therefore he is now spending his boring weekdays drinking alcohol heavily, turning people against him and becoming a misanthrope. In the centre of his hatred is his father, who is told by the doctor every three months that he has no more than three months left to live. However, the other villagers do exactly the same: they only care about their own interests and guzzle as much palinka as they can. You can also detect all the clichés about the Székelys in all the characters. Csaba Székely scrapes the idealized legend of keeping the traditions off the story set in Székely Land but he retains all the flavors of the milieu.


WHY – It depicts empty relationships, collective loneliness, quenching your sorrow in alcohol, endless carousing by the axel of drinking and suicide. Moreover, there is a lot of humor in it, too, since it is all so human. The performance is directed by Tibor Csizmadia who was the first to stage the complete trilogy. In the set designed by Balázs Cziegler recalls the atmosphere of the mining village. This cruel and hopeless world comes to life while it reflects on the prejudices and clichés.” (István Ugrai)





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