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Budapest Puppet Theatre: Nothing

A psychothriller with puppets and music in one act

based on the novel by Janne Teller

For ages 13 and above


1. December 2013. 14.00

Budapest Puppet Theatre


90’ without intermission

in Hungarian with English subtitles


Photo: Vera Éder

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 Cast :


Agnes Aarne: Anna Spiegl

Sofie Nielsen: Adrienn Mórocz

Elise Jensen: Pallai Mara

Fat Henrik Eskildsen: Norbert Ács

Devouted Kaj Hansen: Zsolt Tatai

Jan-Johan Henderson: Csaba Teszárek

(Big) Hans Raaberg: Gergő Pethő

Pierre Anthon: Tibor Szolár

Mathilde Eskildsen teacher/Cinderella: Gyöngyi Blasek


Translated into Hungarian by Szilvia Weyer

Stage adaptation: Dóra Gimesi

Music: Tibor Kiss (Quimby)

Asisstent to the director: Anna Rigó

Visual design and directed by Károly Hoffer


WHO – The Budapest Puppet Theatre is a repertoire theatre operated by the city, which offers puppet performances for children and adults. Nothing was made by the youngest generation of puppeteers built on the integrated puppeteer training of the Theatre and Film University where actors and directors study together practically, thus they learn the cooperation between the various branches of theatre work. Four members of the class that graduated this year have been employed by the company, including Károly Hoffer, the director of the performance. The music of the performance is provided by the pop-punk like songs of the band Quimby.


WHAT –Janne Teller’s novel was at first banned in Denmark, then it was made obligatory reading for school children. It is about the overwhelming feeling that characterizes the world of adolescents and teenagers: nihilism; about the totally senselessness, endless nothingness, compared to which nothing matters. It overwrites and annuls everything. Parents usually say that he/she is a teenager, he/she’ll grow out of it. But they just try to cure it by sweeping it under the carpet and trying to make the child conform which generally ends in huge frustration. Here they talk about what this nothing actually is.


WHY – This performance for young people, which this year won the Prize of Theatre Critics in its category, is, in fact, a theatre production of full value. Károly Hoffer designed puppets of fashionable and good style. They seem as if they were the characters of an ultramodern cartoon of good taste. Moreover, the performance sometimes turns really into a cartoon, not to mention the fact that it is greatly enjoyable and creates a great illusion when they get together in a punk band to destroy the written music together (?). The performance manages to present the elemental doubts and their consequences in a way that makes it easy to share the experience.”(István Ugrai)





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