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Szkéné Theatre

Csaba Székely: Mineblindness

December 3, 19:00

Szkéné Theatre


100’ without intermission

in Hungarian




Ince, man in his fifties: Gergő Kaszás
Iringó, his sister: Andrea Bozó
Izabella, his daughter : Angéla Eke, university student
Florin, police officer: József Tóth
Izsák, a neighbour: László Széles

Scenery and Costume Design: Balázs Cziegler
Dramaturg: Ildikó Lőkös
Assistant to the Director: Anna Gábor and Judit Skrabán
Director: Tibor Csizmadia


In a village facing its elections, the current leader of the village calls for a police officer from the centre to unveil the corrupt affairs of the other candidate for mayor. The arriving officer belongs to the majority in the country, but he belongs to a minority in the village. In the end, not only the competition’s affaird are unmasked by the „auditor”.


Due to the cooperation of Cellar Theatre and Szkéné Theatre, the whole Mine-Trilogy by Csaba Székely (Mineflowers, Mineblindness, Minewater) can be seen in three consecutive evenings during Contemporary Drama Festival in Budapest!


“What makes the whole thing work is speech. Everyone is speaking, but, as a matter of fact, nobody does anything. Director Tibor Csizmadia portrays this community, which pretends progress while making no progress in an eventful way, and he lets puns and language jokes expand, which makes the performance flow from the first minute” (Balázs Zsedényi, 7ora7.hu)


“The direction of Tibor Csizmadia makes it possible for us to reflect on ourselves and all the others, with whom we share our lives. When the tolerance for nationalist and antisemitic manifestations in the public speaking is shifting, and not even in small steps, this is a really important pledge in theatre, especially since the performance refutes that kind of naiv misbelief that the hatred and prejudices against others could be unbuckled from one’s identity.” (Anikó Varga, Revizor.hu)

For further information about the author, please visit the following page: http://www.dramafestival.hu/cdf_2013/main_programme/mineflowers.



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