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OFF Programme of the Contemporary Drama Festival at the Aurora Community Space

This is the 13th edition of the Contemporary Drama Festival, and the CDF Festival Club is here again with a rich selection of accompanying events. The Festival Club was first introduced at the recently founded Auróra in 2014, and it acquired great popularity, having hosted many community and cultural events since. This year, between 2 and 9 December Auróra will again become the epicentre of the CDF off programme, where mostly the future theatre generations will receive an opportunity to present themselves, following the thematic of the festival. But also during the festival you can let off steam at the late night parties, or discuss in a silent corner the events of the day, enriching professional or personal relations.

At the Festival Club this year, audiences can chose from the offer of different genres. Workshops will take place for eight days, and also roundtables, professional forums and concerts.

You will be able to see the performance by Lifeboat titled One Must Go to Hell, directed by Andrea Pass, which present the problems raised by a group of high school students through the perspective of the most notable figures of Hungarian history. The Velvet Taffeta is a one-woman object theatre show by the fifth year puppetry student Petra Nagy, based on Lili Csokonai’s (pseudonym for Péter Esterházy) Seventeen Swans.     

The freshly graduated acting class of the Kaposvár University will be a guest of Patyolat/PRÓBAüzem with a show titled Just a Joke, directed by László Felhőfi-Kiss.

There will be two special productions visible/sensible in the OFF programme: bOdyssey- Testodüsszeia will give a possibility for participants to ‘feel’ theatre blindfolded, and Baby Blues by Secret Company will let participants actively influence the story written by the young playwright Kinga Csizmás. There will also be a lecture performance titled W Monologues, curated by Zsófi Pálffy involving the participants of her workshop, inspired by the music of Vivaldi. Finally, Dead Season by József Keresztesi will be staged by FAQ Theatre and Béta Company.

The performances will be followed by concerts in various styles, featuring Cats With Umbrellas, composed mostly of members of K2, just like Ed Is On, led by actor Bence Tasnádi. Pink Mojos and the Fuckfaces, composed of acting students will also give a concert, while FAQ Theatre will perform its own music featured in their productions.  We can also hear the drum-guitar duo by Áron Porteleki and Ádám Czitrom, as well as Tamás Herczeg, leader of HOPPArt company and Zsolt Máthé in the setup The Good, the Bad and the Loop. On the last day of the Festival Club you will hear the Sickratman intim trio, led by Miklós Paizs, leading up to a late night party with Zu Sammen and TÁP Klub (DJ FEÁ, DJ Vajdai Vili, NewKlezmerDisco).  

Along the different programmes you can take part in 8 different theatre workshops.

One of the main aims of the Festival Club is to address the young generations interested in very different forms of theatre, to promote joint discussion and the formulation of common questions with its programmes. With this in mind, we commissioned recognized but young authors to lead open workshops on which people with very different theatre interests can take part for a very affordable price. Workshops will be held by SzínMűVeletek, Márk Horváth, graduating puppet actor, three students of physical theatre directing, dramaturg and drama teacher Attila Rácz, bOdyssey project, young playwright Zsófi Pálffy and many others.  

In the afternoons there will be a series of roundtable discussions with invited experts. The discussion series at the Festival club wishes to address the theatre makers, students a and lecturers of the Hungarian theatre training. The most important aim of the events is to show the different paths of becoming a theatre artist through the personal experience of the guests. Furthermore, it can give valuable insight into the system of certain forms of education and the perspectives given by them. The main pillars of the discussion will be the dilemmas of the young generation looking for ways to enter the theatre system. Our guests will be: Péter Fábián, Zita Szenteczki, Márk Tárnoki, Viktor Szivák-Tóth, Gábor Papp, Ágnes Tóvaj, Imre Keserű, József Keresztúri, Zsófi Pálffy, Kinga Csizmás and Borisz Kucov.

For a detailed programme see the Facebook page of the KDF Festival Club.