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What's up, Hungarian Drama?

Discussions on the current situation of contemporary Hungarian drama

You can often hear that contemporary Hungarian drama is in a difficult state. There are only a few opportunities to produce new plays or, for young playwrights, to introduce themselves to the audiences. But if you look closer, it turns out that the opposite is true. Many talents emerge, who can even introduce themselves in city theatres, or in the independent scene. Dramaturgs and already acclaimed playwrights help them creating forums, even in institutional settings. But can you teach playwriting? What is the BA in dramaturgy for? Does drama still exist today? What is the role of the text in a performance? How do they teach playwriting at the Univeristy of Arts at Târgu-Mureş?

Francesca Woodman the inspiration behind the performance Untitled

Francesca Woodman, american photographer, famous for her black-and-white conceptual photographs which depicted herself. She worked with fragmentation of the body, capturing it in unusual positions, gestures, in motion, framing it within the architecture of a space, in relationship with various objects. She can be considered one of the female artists of the 1970s who used their bodies as a means of visual expression. Woodman also experimented with video; short black-and-white videos, depicting herself, have survived. Surreal compositions combined with a blurred figure, caused by long exposure time, became the trademark of her works.