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The programme of the sixth day

What awaits us on 2 December?


19:00 Petőfi-Peer-Sediánszky-Koltai: TIGER AND HYENA (170')

Móricz Zsigmond Theatre, Nyíregyháza

Directed by Gábor M. Koltai

Bárka Theatre


The fifth day

The programme of the festival on 1 December:


11:00-13:00 - accompanied event

Change of Generation in the Contemporary Hungarian Theatre Scene (?)

Roundtable with participation of theatre critics and young Hungarian theatre directors, moderated by István Ugrai, theatre critic

with English translation



14:00 Dóra Gimesi: NOTHING (90')

based on Janne Teller's novel of the same title

Budapest Puppet Theatre

Directed by Károly Hoffer

Budapest Puppet Theatre

Where to go on the fourth day?

The programme of the festival on 30 November:


13:00 - recommended event

Collective of Natural Disasters: ELDORADO.COM (60')

Jurányi Art Incubator House

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14:00-16:00 professional accompanied event


Introducing Hungarian productions available for tours to the international guests of the Contemporary Drama Festival

Jurányi Art Incubator House