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28 November -  8 December 2014


The Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest is organized this year for the 12th time, running between 28 November and 8 December. Besides foreign performances, an international conference, workshops, staged reading events, a round table talk and concerts, CDF presents the most progressive and most inspiring theatre performances and projects in its Hungarian Showcase, staying faithful to its original mission. These performances were selected out of the performances that have premiered in the last season and the beginning of the current season, based on the recommendations of a professional jury consisting of seven members.

CDF 2014 Festival Club

There is going to be a Festival Club accompanying the CDF 2014. It is going to be held from 28  November to 6 December. The Festival Club has a special programme this year, because it is organized by a creative team consisting of the interns and volunteers of the festival, who are all taking part in higher education, learning arts and theatre.

The organizers wanted to raise awareness to the young theatre professionals and artists in Hungary. The Festival Club aims to present such artistic initiatives that are known only by a few even in Budapest. Auróra, a freshly opened community place will be the host of the Festival Club (8th district, Auróra utca 11.)

Hello Everybody!

We have good news for you: the Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest 2014 and its Hungarian Showcase Programme is here again, organized between 28 November and 8 December. This way, you have the opportunity to see a selection of outstanding and innovative new Hungarian theatre performances of the last and the new season surtitled or simultaneously translated in English!


Béla Pintér, Viktor Bodó, János Mohácsi, Sándor Zsótér, Csaba Horváth – what is common in them? … You can see their performances in the Contemporary Dramafestival Budapest, which will be held from 28 November to 7 December.

Péter Kárpáti and the HOPPart, the meaty monodrama of András Ötvös, Balázs Benő Fehér’s mise en scene at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, The Fatherless by Csaba Mikó in German, the award-winning visual solo performance of Sláva Daubnerová and performances by Gábor Tengely and the GroundFloor Group will be also presented at the festival. There will be theatre professionals from 12 foreign countries, there will be an international conference about creating self-sustaining cultural events and about the visions of theatre, a symposium about the future of contemporary Hungarian drama writing, reader’s theatre, concerts, festival club madness at the Aurora. More information follows this week!

the CDF team