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Teatr.doc (RU)

(Час восемнадцать)

90 minutes with one intermission, in Russian with Hungarian subtitles
Budapest, IX. Liliom u. 41.
2 december 2011, 20:00
3 december 2011, 20:00
90' (45' + discussion)
1800 HUF
(+36-1) 215 1600
photo by Mihail Guterman
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One Hour and Eighteen (Minutes) was nominated in 2011 for the Golden Mask. After international guest performances it can be seen in Hungary for the first time.


Anastasia Patlay, Alexey Krizevskiy, Alexey Zhiriakov, Ruslan Malikov, Alexandra Rebenok, Anna Kotova, Askold Kurov, Mikhail Durnenkov, Olga Lysak

Documents and Research

Jekaterina Bondarenko, Anastasia Patlay, Zosia Rodkevic


Jelena Gremina

Associate Directors

Alexey Zhiriakov, Georg Genoux




Mihail Ugarov is writer-director, the founder and artistic director of the first Russian documentary theatre, and from this year on the artistic director of the Playwright and Director Center as well. He got his degree in dramaturgy and made his debut as a playwright in 2000 with his play Oblom-off.

The new playwright generation in Russian either couldn’t find contemporary directors to stage their plays, or the directors “tailored” the plays to their own taste. Ugarov and his wife Jelena Gremina founded Teatr.doc,  the first documentary theatre in 2001 to give a chance for young playwrights to get their message across to the audience “with their own words”.

Teatr.doc criticizes the Russian system, revolts and incites against it, while dealing with such taboos as the connection between the justice system and politics. One Hour and Eighteen (Minutes) is about such a case as well.

In the November of 2009, Sergei Magnitsky, a 37 year-old lawyer died suddenly while being held in one of the infamous prisons of Moscow. He was held in prison for a year without being formally charged. Magnitsky became seriously ill due to severe treatment, but didn’t get any help. He was left alone, lying hunched over on the floor, with no one to help in his last one hour and eighteen minutes.

One Hour and Eighteen (Minutes) shows us the circumstances of Magnitsky’s tragic death, while also letting us hear those who took part in it, all lined up, called by their real names. Magnitsky’s prison diaries, letters, eyewitness statements and reports of official agencies are used as well.

The creators will discuss with the audience in the second part of the performance about the questions posed in the first part. Sz. Bíró Zoltán, historian and Tompa Andrea, critic will be assisting them.



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