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FÜGE, VÁDLI and Zsámbéki Színházi Bázis


with English subtitles

30 November 2011. 18:30
90’ without intermission


photo source: FÜGE 


Gábor Nagypál

Tamás Fodor

Attila Király

Rémusz Szikszai

Krisztián Kovács

Zoltán Tamási

József Tóth

Zsolt Fekete

Ádám Varga

Written by

János Székely

Set Design

Rémusz Szikszai

Ilona Varga-Járó

Costume Design

Janó Papp

Set and Costume Design

Fruzsina Nagy

Assistant to the Director

Eszter Gyulay

Production Manager

Viktória Kulcsár

Directed by


János Székely (1929-1992) Romanian-born Hungarian poet, prose writer and essayist. His reputation is primarily due to the dramas, the best known of his plays is Caligula's Governor (1972).

Rémusz Szikszai was born in 1969 in Romania. In 1990 he is an actor by the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj in Romania. In 1997 he is called in Hungary, where he becomes the founding member of the Bárka Theatre Budapest. In 2005 he is awarded with "Best acting co-work" at the International Festival in Calisia, Poland for the role he played in The Party by Mrozek (Bárka Theatre, directed by László Bérczes). His first directing is Caligula's Governor. Previously, he played in it in Cluj, Romania, when the play was prohibited there.

Originally played in a found space, a onetime missile base, this is a play of ideas on power and despotism. It treats on how individual moral constraints can overcome external constraints of power. It analyzes the connection between lies and truth, searching for the answer to how a man can remain a man – be he the one exercising power, or the one on whom power is exercised. It was nominated for best independent theatre performance in 2011.

“There is more than just a mapping of a dictatorship. Essentially is about what power is doing to the people, how it distorts them. If one is normal, but has the power, sooner or later it will go crazy, will die, so in one way or another will decay anyway.” (Rémusz Szikszai)

"The space clearly izdicates that the play Caligula's Governor written by János Székely

is always happening in this performance. In other words, anywhere, anytime. The moveable, variable, and in all different sculptures, which bounds the enviroment (stage design by Rémusz Szikszai and Ilona Varga-Járó), are symbols that different ages used for certain purposes: the power indicates it's place in people's lives." (István Ugrai, 7ora7.hu)

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