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The Collective of Natural Disasters: ELDORADO.COM

… the man who got a new face!


28 November and 29 November 13:00


30 November 14:00

Jurányi Art Incubator House



The MAUZÓLEUM presents a story, for the first time in Hungary, about which you would not believe that it had happened. The story of the man, who spent 17 years in Eldorado, is reconstructed by us, using original documents.

The performance eldorado.com, created by THE COLLECTIVE OF NATURAL DISATERS puts the emphasis on the community-shaping role of an individual, in favor of reaching a more sustainable society and more useful form of existence.

The MAUZÓLEUM-projekt is a unique installation-laboratory theatre series designed for the next couple of years.

Fit is a constant creative space and communication point. It is an open place, building a bridge between contemporary arts, theatre, music, literature and video arts.



Premiere: 27 November 2013