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progressive-fictional-documental-trash pathology


28 November 2013. 16.00

Bárka Theatre


60' in Hungarian and in English


The performance titled Meanwhile in Kansas was selected into the Showcase Programme by the festival jury. However, due to problems in the coordination of actors, we cannot present the performance during the festival. Instead, we are holding a presentation with projected images with the help of some of the actors who are appearing in the performance – in order to compensate those people who are only staying in Budapest for the festival period.




Alexa Bakonyi
Alexandra Borbély
Hanna Pálos
Bence Tasnádi
Ádám Kovács
Viktor Klem
Vince Zrinyi Gál
Dániel Király
Balázs Kulcsár


3D mapping: Zsolt Bordos
Scenograph: Renátó Cseh
Jelmez: Szlávik Juli
Light: Miklós Mervel
Sound: Zoltán Belényesi
Dramaturg: Ambrus Ivanyos
Assistant: Nóra Zágoni
Production assistant: Júlia Kruzslicz
Colleague: Zsolt Anger

Director: Márk Radnai


„The widespread universal beliefs about drugs make everybody frightened. Every parent is anxious about their children. Drugs mean ending up in the street, sickness, distortion. Drugs mean death. That is not true. In our present society every fifth young person has already experimented with one or more types of drug. The situation is the same with alcohol, medicine, sex, smoking, coffee and gambling. Passions are not destructive in themselves: they become destructive later, when they turn into an addiction. They become even more enjoyable, and I want to repeat the experience again and again. Today’s young generation may be even more aggressive and impatient than the ones that preceded them. They are trying to find their own place. Many of them are unable to cope with the crumbling order in the society and family and to manage their energy in the best way possible. They find what raises them out of the world that seems to have turned inside out in drugs. What is lacking that they try to substitute this way? Does the act of substitution actually take place? And what is the power that makes them forget even the long term consequences?” (István Ugrai)


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