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Caligula's Governor. Siren's Song

We had a day off yesterday, so this evening we give you double. You can watch Caligula's Governor (a co-production of Vádli, Füge and Zsámbéki Színházi Bázis) from 6:30 PM in the Gödör Club and Katona József Theatre's Siren's Song from 21:00 PM in the Chamber. Both of the shows have English translation.

“There is more than just a mapping of a dictatorship. Essentially is about what power is doing to the people, how it distorts them. If one is normal, but has the power, sooner or later it will go crazy, will die, so in one way or another will decay anyway.” (Rémusz Szikszai, director of Caligula's Governor)

28 November. I Declare at my Own Risk


This evening for 8 PM in the MU Theatre. I Declare at my Own Risk by the MONDAY Theatre@Green Hours and tangaProject. With HUngarian and English subtitles. Post-show talk with the creators.

"There's a paradox in Romania (and probably not just here): the statistics say that the qualified, the intellectual are more racists toward the Romas than other sections of the society. So we tried to shake up and maybe even change the misbeliefs as well as the expectations of the public." (David Schwartz, director – excerpt form an interview, mu.hu)

27 November. Perplex


Today from 19:30 PM staged reading event in the National Theatre's Kaszás Attila Stage. PERPLEX. Marius von Mayenburg's newest comedy.

"I do theatre because otherwise I wouldn't be able to endure this pointless world we are forced to live in."

The 10th Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest starts today!

The 10th edition of the Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest is starting today with the K.V. Company's production Gardenia at 7:30 PM at the Thalia Theatre.

We would also like to recommend you another two staged reading events from today: at 5 PM in the Writers' Bookstore Zoltán Egressy's new play, the Accident (a production of Ágens Company) will be premiered, but you can choose to go to the National Theatre at 7:30 PM as well, where two contemporary french plays will be presented. Both of these events will be in Hungarian only.

A very happy anniversary to us and a joyful festival to all of you!

the Organizers

CDF programme brochure

We just got the CDF's programme brochure as a special issue of the cultural event magazine Fidelio. You can download the PDF version from here.


You can find the Contemporary Drama Festival's programme HERE.