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U.S. in Focus Programme
Temporary Distortion: Welcome to Nowhere (bullet hole road)

with English with Hungarian subtitles, 90 minutes without a break
Trafó – Contemporary House of Art
27th and 28th November, 8 PM



With post-show talk on the 27th November, moderated by art critic Andrea Rádi
Cast: Nick Bixby, Stacey Collins, Brian Greer, Lorraine Mattox, Stephanie Silver, Jessica Grace Pagan
Video Projections: William Cusick
Costumes: Tara-Fawn Marek.
Music, sound: John Sully
Motion Graphics: Jon Weiss
Assistant Director: Christine Vartoughian
Technical Assistant: Joe Cantalupo, Andrew Scoville
Writer, director: Kenneth Collins

’’Temporary Distortion's deconstructionist take on the modern American road movie, is a captivating, hypnotic, and mesmerizing work of art.’’ James Comtois, New York Theatre

Temporary Distortion has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of theatre by staging unsettling, meditative performances in claustrophobic, boxlike structures. Featuring minimal physical movement and a uniquely restrained acting style, these four-dimensional theatrical installations bridge the gap between cinema, performance and visual art.

Partly road movie, partly fractured memory, partly love story… Welcome to Nowhere (bullet hole road) is a hybrid of theatre and cinema that explores the violence and sexuality found at the heart of the American Road Movie. This continual juxtaposition of stage and cinema is one of complement, complication, and contradiction, suggesting multiple ways to interpret relationships between characters and to disentangle perpetually shifting narrative fragments.

During the performance, a constant stream of video is projected above the four people wandering in the labyrinth of the American highways. In scenes of prolonged stillness, silence and impassivity, doppelgängers of the characters we meet onstage navigate a hyper-real cinematic landscape as if lost in a dream. These parallel narratives echo, reflect and refract each moment of the play and paint a haunting picture of the’ road movie paradox’ of being rootless and constantly in transit therefore simultaneously free and trapped. Free because you've escaped your rooted life, trapped because you're stuck with your thoughts and memories with no release.

Further information: www.temporarydistortion.com, www.trafo.hu, www.ps122.org
Ticket information: jegy@trafo.hu  +36 1 215 1600
Photo by Kenneth Collins