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K.O. – Critical Hour

Free entrance

A series of post-show talks awaits the audience after the guest performances. The festival cooperates with the Guild of Theatre Critics from the very beginning - it is a fun fact that both were started in the same year. Since 2009 the members of the guild moderate the talks with the artists visiting the festival.

Thália Theatre, New Studio
Budapest VI., Nagymező u. 22-24.

27 November 
20:40  K.O. – moderated by Melánia Miklós, critic

MU Theatre
Budapest XI., Kőrösy J. u. 17

28 November 
21:00  K.O. – moderated by Andrea Tompa, critic


The Hungarian Critics’ Association was founded in 1997 with the aim of representing critics, and their cause and ensuring the quality of criticism. Their most important activity until now was the annually awarded Theatre Critics’ Award, one of the most important acknowledgements of artistic merit. New presidency of the guild was elected in September 2009. The main goal of president Andrea Tompa and deputies Tamás Jászay and Andrea Rádai is to enhance the prestige of criticism within the theatre scene. It is an important point of their program to ensure criticism finds its way easier to audiences and artists alike. To facilitate this process they arrange a series of professional meetings and discussions, publish a newsletter in Hungarian and English, negotiate with festivals and theatre institutions, making the guild visible to the scene. Among there long-term plans are the regulation of young critics’ education and try and make the carreer choice of the critic appealing.