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Krisztián Gergye And Company: Opera Amorale

An amoral opera in one act, after the songs of a(e) Bizottság by Krisztián Gergye, from the albums A Jégkrémbalett and Kalandra fel!


2 December 20.00

Atrium Movie-Theatre


90‘ without intermission

in Hungarian with English subtitles


Photo: Imre Kővágó Nagy

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Sára Dezső, Kornél Mikecz, Márta Murányi,

György Philipp, Ildikó Szakács, Donát Varga



Zsolt Bartek, Márk Bubnó, András Péter Kárász,

György Philipp, Tamás Géza Szalay



Tünde Szalontay, Marica Tárnok



Lőrinc Katalin, Krisztián Gergye,

Anita Barabás, Blanka Fekete, Adrienn Hoffmann, Ruzsom Mátyás


Sound design, scoring, conducting, musician and singer:

Philipp György


Surprise victim:

Always somebody else


Screening: Tilda Nay

Light design: Zoltán Katonka

Costume design: Móni Béres

Makeup design: Balázs Károlyi

Assistantant to the choreographer: Adrienn Hoffmann

Production manager: Dóra Trifonov

Directed by, choraographer, visual designer: Krisztián Gergye


Premier: 4th May 2013 Atrium Movie-Theatre


Supported by: NKA, EMMI, Átrium Film-Színház


„WHO – A(E) Bizottság is an underground music group of János Kádár’s disctatorship of the 1980’s which has become a cult group later. It balanced on the borderline between the categories Tolerated and Banned of the cultural political system used for the qualification of artists and their works (Banned-Tolerated-Supported). Their work is an example of the total freedom of art. Beyond the content reflecting on the given social, political or cultural political context, the “freetime-musical” group presents the extremes and/or clichés of human identity. Krisztián Gergye is a dancer-choreographer-actor, who seeks the purest and most straightforward way of formulation in the case of all topics and ideas, the genre which is the closest to the idea and the form which is the most unambiguous symbol of the idea. His works are based on several artistic directions, ways of expression and harmony of genres. His company was established in 2001 and he also performed in a traditional theatre: he was a member of the National Theatre between 2008 and 2013. In the past few years he has turned more and more towards the context of social and public life in his works.


WHAT – Opera Amorale treats the songs of A.E. Bizottság as texts for the stage. The group which only existed for a few years in its original formation has become an important part of Hungarian culture and historical memory since they commented upon the everyday life of socialism and the people living in it in a vivid and free way. The songs which are played as an opera give an important and exact diagnosis of Hungary thirty ago. However, the performance indicates that somehow the 1980s seem to be with us even today.


WHY – The greatest virtue of Krisztián Gergye’s direction is that the surrealistic, Dadaist and avant-guard texts of Biztottság become, with slight modifications, playful, many-layered adventures which communicate with us and with each other. It is a shocking experience to see that the song which are a good thirty years old (and which are enjoyable in the new orchestration as well), with the appropriate characters and editing, in a truly contemporary theatrical form, manage to create the same rebellious atmosphere today as they did thirty years ago. The production goes on two planes, the public and the personal one at the same time, from the deepest to the most general: politic and eroticism alternate, the dictatorial power is there on the stage. We get our share of the most intimate, internal atmosphere from love to anxiety. The way all those reflect on one another continuously, its stylized theatre character, its questioning and the way we get from the beginning of the performance through the tension of the everyday life to the unchangeable present – all that creates an intangible unity, something that is us, here and now.“(István Ugrai)





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