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The Creators Group 011: Rank (Droszt)


29. November 2013. 19.00

Atrium Movie-Theatre


100’ without intermission

in Hungarian with English subtitles


Photo: Szaffi Kékes



Beefy taxi-driver: Csaba Gosztonyi
Slim taxi-driver: Bálint Bán
Silent taxi-driver: Ádám Kovács
Uzbek taxi-driver: Adilov Alim
Intellectual: Péter Bárnai
Actress: Éva Bata
Country girl: Anna Siflis
Drunk youngster 1: Zoltán Kispál
Drunk youngster 2: Adilov Ilham
Deaf girl: Ági Németh
Pregnant woman: Edina Dömök

Son of the taxi-driver: Adilov Amon
Priest: Áron Biszak
Ex-girlfriend: Anna Farquhar
Woman with diabetes: Klári Tolnai
Dating boy: József Kövesi
Dating girl: Virág Varga

Visual design: Renátó Cseh
Costume design: Júlia Szlávik
Light design: Miklós Mervel

Sound design: Zsolt Balogh, Ádám Erős
Cameraman: Károly Spáh, András Táborosi
Video technician: András Juhász
Dramaturg: Ambrus Ivanyos
Production manager: Viktória Kulcsár
Production manager’s assistant: Nóra Zágoni
Assistant: Dóra Hannig

Directed by: Márk Radnai


“WHO – The 001 Alkotócsoport (The Actors Group) consists of freshly graduated and not yet graduated students of acting. Their leader is Márk Radnai who graduated as an actor in 2012. They have already produced a minimal thriller (In Dire Straits – Kutyaszorítóban) inspired by Taratino and a comedy (She was still there at Lepsény –Lepsénynél még megvolt), an adapted version of a comedy of the 1930s. They have also held a performance using new technical tools e.g. theatrical screening, to present the subculture of drug users. (Meanwhile in Kansas can be seen at the Festival).


WHAT – The show presents one night of four taxi drivers. Jarmusch’s atmosphere and Tarantino’s dialogues are recalled in the 90 minutes. Not lives, only moments are shown. The genre of the performance is film-theatre: the film is born in front of our eyes, live, in real time, presenting micro realism locked up in a car.


WHY – It is an exciting question whether the theoretically repeatable and stylized (film) is able to appear as one-time, unrepeatable and palpable (theatre). Are the amateur film actors able to part from reality and the authors to create an illusion which captures or even fills the audience’s attention? Is the cinema theatre and the theatre cinema? You can find the answers in the Átrium Film-Theatre which was originally built as a nightclub, and then it became a cinema and now has been reopened as a stage for all kinds of artistic productions.” (István Ugrai)


Supported by: Polgár Krisztina Emlékalap, FÜGE, NKA, Libri Media, City taxi, TITÁNium Színházi Szemle 2013




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