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The programme of the second day

On 28 November the following shows are presented:


1-2 PM - recommended event

Collective of Natural Disasters: ELDORADO.COM (60')

installation theatre and experience reconstruction

Jurányi Art Incubator House / TVK Mausoleum




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4-5 PM - recommended event

The Creators' Group 011: MEANWHILE IN KANSAS

video screening presentation with the creators, with English translation

Directed by Márk Radnai

Bárka Theatre



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6 PM István Tasnádi: THE THIRD WAVE ('100)

Bárka Theatre

Directed by György Vidovszky

with English subtitles




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8.30 PM Szabolcs Hajdu: TIMES OF PEACE (100')

Csiky Gergely State Hungarian Theatre, Timisoara, Romania

Directed by Szabolcs Hajdu

Jurányi Produkciós Közösségi Inkubátor Ház

with English subtitles



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10.30 PM Festival Club - Dinner


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