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Theatre critic Bálint Kovács in his theatre blog powered by Hungarian news portal [origo]

This year, one of the most remarkable Festivals of Hungarian-speaking theatres, Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest will take place between 27 November and 2 December.
"It is very difficult to recommend only one or two shows from the selection: the programme is so great that the luckiest ones are those who have the opportunity to see every single one of the shows.

The programme includes last year’s (in my opinion) best show The Notebook by Forte Company and also the brilliant Nothing, winner of “Best Theatre Show for Young Audiences” award given by the Hungarian Theatre Critics’ Guild. The selection of the latter to the Festival Programme proves that this is also a must-see production for the adult audience. There are more shows in the Programme which have already been featured in our “Best Shows of Last Season” list: The Third Wave which deals with the possible rise of dictatorships, the unforgettable Meanwhile in Kansas, and TÁP Theatre’s incredibly funny, but at the same time very serious production about corruption, A Profitable Position. One of the Festival’s unique theatre events is that Szkéné Theatre’s Mine trilogy can be seen in three consecutive evenings – three very important shows of the Hungarian theatre 
But the Festival does not only present the best shows from the capital, but also invited Tiger and Hyena from Nyíregyháza, and there will be Hungarian-
speaking theatre performances from Serbia and Romania as well since András Urbán’s The Comedy of Man and Szabolcs Hajdu’s Times of Peace are also part of the Festival Programme.”
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