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Caligula's Governor. Siren's Song

We had a day off yesterday, so this evening we give you double. You can watch Caligula's Governor (a co-production of Vádli, Füge and Zsámbéki Színházi Bázis) from 6:30 PM in the Gödör Club and Katona József Theatre's Siren's Song from 21:00 PM in the Chamber. Both of the shows have English translation.

“There is more than just a mapping of a dictatorship. Essentially is about what power is doing to the people, how it distorts them. If one is normal, but has the power, sooner or later it will go crazy, will die, so in one way or another will decay anyway.” (Rémusz Szikszai, director of Caligula's Governor)

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