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CDF 2014 Festival Club

There is going to be a Festival Club accompanying the CDF 2014. It is going to be held from 28  November to 6 December. The Festival Club has a special programme this year, because it is organized by a creative team consisting of the interns and volunteers of the festival, who are all taking part in higher education, learning arts and theatre.

The organizers wanted to raise awareness to the young theatre professionals and artists in Hungary. The Festival Club aims to present such artistic initiatives that are known only by a few even in Budapest. Auróra, a freshly opened community place will be the host of the Festival Club (8th district, Auróra utca 11.)

Programmes are going to be held from the afternoon to late night. There will be concerts, introducing KeddekMayberian SanskülottsMacskák Esernyővel and the Harmadik Figyelmeztetés. The presentation of DráMAI mesék: kortárs Magyar gyerekdarabok(Dramatic Tales: Contemporary Hungarian Children’s Play), the first two volumes of a book series, accompanied by stage reading series, discussions with foreign translators of Hungarian plays and theatre performances. There is going to be improvisational theatre thanks to Momentán Junior. Those who missed Reaktív can make up for it (this is a staged reading performance compiled from the winners of the drama competition Maradjak? Menjek? Hova? (Stay? Go? Where?) organized by József Attila Kör and Trafó). The closing party is going to be held by Sonar Bistro on the 6th of December.

Auróra is going to provide catering of the Festival Club.

The program of the Festival Club may expand, so you should pay attention to the news.

The detailed program can be found here on our website and on Facebook.




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