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Fourth Day

Today we focus on contemporary drama. At the Festival Club (Aurora str. 11.) you will hear about some of the latest Hungarian and American plays.

16:00 - Translators Attila Szabó and Noémi Kecskés introduce the latest playwriting trends of New York. They will present the drama antology titled Extravagant plays from New York, containing the works of five talented young playwrights.

18:00 - If you missed Reaktív for the first time  then you can make up for it now. These are the winners of the drama competition of titled Stay? Go? Where? organized by József Attila Kör and Trafo.

20:00 - Mayberian Sanskülotts concert

1 DECEMBER, Monday
Aurora – Festival Club
16:00 Discussion and readings with music: Riff-raff plays form New York
Five Contemporary American Drama translated by Attila Szabó and Noémi Kecskés. Moderator: Fanni Zahovai

18:00: Stage Reading Series: Reaktív – two stage readings of the winners of the drama competition Stay? Go? Where? by József Attila Kör and Trafó.
Ágnes Szil : Csak oda (One way), Directed by Zita Szenteczki e.h.
Viktória Fridl : Indul, ugye indul (It leaves, it leaves right?), Directed by Bálint Szilágyi e.h.

Mayberian Sanskülotts concert


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