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What's up, Hungarian Drama?

Discussions on the current situation of contemporary Hungarian drama

You can often hear that contemporary Hungarian drama is in a difficult state. There are only a few opportunities to produce new plays or, for young playwrights, to introduce themselves to the audiences. But if you look closer, it turns out that the opposite is true. Many talents emerge, who can even introduce themselves in city theatres, or in the independent scene. Dramaturgs and already acclaimed playwrights help them creating forums, even in institutional settings. But can you teach playwriting? What is the BA in dramaturgy for? Does drama still exist today? What is the role of the text in a performance? How do they teach playwriting at the Univeristy of Arts at Târgu-Mureş?

The “masters” (András Forgách, Péter Horváth, Péter Kárpáti, Tibor Solténszky, László Upor) and their apprentices (Albert Benedek, Kinga Csizmás, Ádám Fekete, Dóra Gimesi, Kristióf Kelemen, Orsolya Nagy, Zsófi Pálffy, Hanna Pálos, László Potozky) discuss these themes. Members of the k2 Theatre will read excerpts from the works of the introduced writers. The closing program of the event is the guest performance of the Yorick Studio from Târgu-Mureş, Sztrodzsegon, written by László Potozky and directed by Aba Sebestyén.

29 November 2014
14:00 – 22:00, Jurányi Art Incubator House

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