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It’s not the time of my life by Hajdu Szabolcs

Látókép Ensemble


Saturday, 3 December, 15 pm

Kugler Art Gallery

120 minutes

Performed in Hungarian with simultaneous English translation


Photo: Lenke Szilágyi


Performed by:

Ernella - Lilla Sárosdi

Eszter - Orsolya Török-Illyés

Farkas - Szabolcs Hajdu

Albert - Domokos Hajdu

Brúnó - Imre Gelányi

Laura - Anna Hay


Set design: Emese Moroncsik

Costume design: Márton István Szabó

Choreography: Attila Gergely Soós

Assistant to the director: Zsófia Muhi

Written and directed by:  Szabolcs Hajdu

Date of first night: 17. April, 2015

Photo: Lenke Szilágyi

WHO? The internationally acclaimed film director, Szabocs Hajdu has worked very little for the theatre, yet his ventures are extremely exciting. It’s Not the Time of My Life was a chamber play made into a film, which is still touring the biggest film festivals. At his debut it received the Golden Globe at Karlovy Vary. As a theatre director Szabolcs Hajdu discusses everyday dilemmas in an intimate environment.

WHAT? There are few families today in Hungary which are not affected by the question ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ And this is both true in the context of the capital vs. the provinces or home vs. abroad. The chamber play of Szabolcs Hajdu partly deals with these topics. The play presents couples looking for an identity, who, through the obstacles of everyday life, also have to face up with the burdens of raising children, personal realization or marriage as value dilemmas. All this, under the sign of magical realism, becomes a personal challenge but one the others also share. Ernella, Albert and their daughter, Laura had left the country a year before with the hopes of a better life, but did not manage in Scotland either, so they decided to move back home. They turn up at Ernella’s sisters’ in the middle of the night. Eszter, with her husband Farkas and their son, Brúnó, live better off than Ernella’s family, who struggle with serious financial issues. There had never been a true harmony between the two families. But only Eszter and her family feel this. Ernella’s family likes to spend time with the others, even if they never agree in anything. The question is for how long the two families are able to tolerate each other in the same enclosed space. KuglerArt Szalon’s elegant bourgeois environment is the venue for KDF’s performance, which is bound to give an even more exclusive experience.

WHY? ‘We are trying to speak of ourselves. Of our desires, our doubts, our frustrations. Of our everyday life, our families, kids, parents. Maybe if we start speaking of ourselves we will become able to also speak of many other people. We are not special. Our problems are similar. The things are here around us we and only need to reach out and grab them and tell the story somehow. In a film or a letter, at the bus stop or over the phone, it’s all the same. Now, we do it at the theatre. Let’s leave formalities aside, just talk, tell things as long as we can. Let’s convey our messages to each other, of each other.’ (Szabolcs Hajdu)