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One woman by Éva Péterfy-Novák and István Tasnádi

Orlai Productions


Friday, 2 December, 8 pm

Jurányi Incubator House

90 minutes

Performed Hungarian with English surtitles


Photo: Attila Takács


Performed by:

Réka Tenki


Written by: Éva Péterfy-Novák

Stage adoptation: István Tasnádi

Assistant to the director: Judit Kis-Kádi

Set and Costume design: Eszter Kálmán

Composer: Béla Barabás

Directed by: Béla Paczolay

The performace is produced by contribution of FÜGE and Orlai Production Office.

Date of first night: 21. October, 2015



WHO? Of the few theatre works by film and advertisement director Béla Paczolay’s Onewoman is one of the finest. Réka Tenki gives account of the unspeakable with an amazing actorial presence. Through a shockingly suggestive play, Tenki embodies an endlessly happy and slightly wacky young mother who, following a sharp cut, becomes a broken character, survivor of a momentous tragedy, who still radiates love.

WHAT? This is a real story. The real-life protagonist of the play, Éva Péterfy-Novák receives the diagnosis from almost all doctors that her daughter became mentally impaired during birth. Doctors say there was nothing to be done. What more, they advise the young mother to give up her child, saying ‘there will come another’. The child survived the diagnosis with two years, while, thirty years after the events, the mother decided to share their years spent together in a blog. The blog of staggering honesty was made into a book, and the book was set on stage.

WHY? Onewoman is a true story about the painful secrets of life, of which people don’t usually talk. It tells the story of the loss of a disabled child, the outrageous reactions of doctors, the depths of despair. A tragic yet uplifting parable, which is special in its ability to tell a story of horror while still radiating an incessant hope.