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Your Kingdom by Sándor Tar and Tibor Keresztury

Forte Company


Monday, 5 December, 8 pm

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

120 minutes

Performed in Hungarian with English surtitles



Performed by:

Máté Andrássy

László Fehér

Nóra Földeáki

Barnabás Horkay

József Kádas

Csaba Krisztik

Niké Kurta

Norbert Nagy

Máté Novkov

Márton Pallag

Emőke Zsigmond


From Sándor Tar’s novels written and adopted by: Tibor Keresztury

Dramaturg: Judit Garai

Chorus: Csaba Ökrös

Costume design: Mari Benedek

Set design: Zsófia Mocsár

Lights: Ferenc Payer

Production director: Judit Számel

Assistant to the director: Henrietta Kovács

Directed by: Csaba Horváth

Date of first night: 16. December, 2016



WHO? Dancer, choreographer Csaba Horváth founded his own independent formation in 2005, called Forte Company. The team, uniting dancers and actors, set out to popularize the less known physical theatre form language in Hungary, in which text and dance shared approximately the same amount of importance. A new, homogenous language was born from the work with bodies, sounds, dance, music and text, which brings to life different forms of narration, situation making, scene, scenic time and space, dramaturgy of effect. They promote a novel and exciting acting style, which evokes a strong bodily presence.

WHAT? Sándor Tar, a Hungarian writer with a tragic fate, was one of the best connoisseurs of the impoverished, defenceless, fighting with additions, everyday people chased to the borders of society, who are never given a chance in life. Despised workers, who had been building socialism their whole lives, so to speak, just to be left alone just to be incapacitated or killed by the change of the regime. This is what the work is about, written by an author who escaped into alcoholism to cope with the burdensome past of having been a secret agent, as a result of blackmail. His fate is portrayed by Csaba Horváth using the form language of physical theatre, accompanied with music, at times with a staggering and deeply moving authenticity.

WHY? The show presents a hopeless history, both dramatic and absurd, with tremendous empathy and humour, using the text of Tibor Keresztury, evoking the figure of Sándor Tar, who also knows the language of losers all too well. The brutally raw, realistic nature of the events is softened to poetic visions by the performance of Forte Company, dragging us along in the depths of the eternal underdogs with great force, conveyed through the usual torrent of creative energies and radical stage toolkit, that one feels unable to escape its effect by any means.