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Zeitstück by Bence Benkó and Péter Fábián

k2 Theater


Monday, 5 December, 7 pm

Átrium Film - Theater



Performed by:

Kriszta Bíró

Anna Boros

Dániel Borsányi

Zsolt Domokos

Zsuzsi Gyöngy

Szabolcs Horváth

Emőke Piti

Balázs Viktor


Written by: Bence Benkó, Péter Fábián

Set design: Sára Luca Jeli

Costume design: Hedvig Palánki

Production director: Adrienn Erdélyi

Assistant to the director: Fanni Molnár

Directed by: Péter Fábián, Bence Benkó

Date of first night: 15. November, 2016



WHO? The independent theatre workshop was founded in 2010 by the Kaposvár graduates Bence Benkó and Péter Fábián, with the aim of putting on shows which are born through a free experimentation with the given material, without any external pressure or outside urge for results. They are widely known figures of the young theatre generation, who bring new colours to the palette of director-based theatre in Hungary.

WHAT? Theatre has already been a religious ritual. It has already been a political forum. The voice of the people. The leisure of kings. Propaganda.School textbook.Masturbationalstrip show for snobbish intellectuals.Escapist entertainment. Pastime activity, if cinemas happened to show nothing worthwhile. The palace of political parties. A place for romanticdates. The work in progress by K2 is all this together, and much more, but also useless to the same extent. Or not?

WHY? What if a performance can change everything? Even if we don’t know about it but all our previous theatre trends have been pointing to the same direction: towards the first coming, the theatre of the revelation, towards an unquestionable social movement that is impossible to grasp with our present knowledge, which would define everything we call past, present and future? What happens if something happens?