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What’s Up, Hungarian Drama?


Reading Marathon

The play reading marathon of the Contemporary Drama Festival continues. In 2014, the festival dedicated a full day to the Hungarian drama, with various events. Due to the great success of the programme the organizers of the festival decided to schedule it this year as well, albeit in a different form. A marathon play reading, lasting a full evening, will give the stage to the new Hungarian plays.

The 2016 issue of the festival wishes to give presentation possibility mostly to young playwrights, under 35, and not so well known yet.

For the reading of the selected plays the Contemporary Drama Festival asked for the cooperation of the acting students from the University of Theatre and Film in Budapest, who had a seminar led by Annamária Radnai (Director of the Institute of Theory and Arts Distribution of the University of Theatre and Film). They jointly selected four of the six contemporary plays, working half a year to analyze and prepare them for the reading.

The aim of the festival, next to promoting contemporary plays among the audience, is to bring as close as possible to each other the young generations of authors, working in different genres.

The reading marathon will take place on 9th December, Friday from 7 pm at the Ódry Stage of the Theatre University, where 3rd year music theatre directing student (principal teacher: Tamás Ascher) Márk Tárnoki will stage Albert Benedek’s Rátenyér, Jakab Tarnóczi (from the same class) will stage Gábor Lanczkor’s Earth, Judit Szokol (from the same class) will put on Closed by Tímea Aletta Szíjártó and the second year physical theatre choreographer-director student (principal teacher: Csaba Horváth) Petra Ténai will stage Róbert Lénárd’s Tank Dance.